Package 10 Day Safari
Trophies Kudu, Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Blesbuck, Impala and Nyala
Weapons Rifle 300 Winchester Magnum and Bow

After Richards arrival at the hunting lodge, we set out to the shooting range to zero the rifles and Richards bow. All went well and we were confident after a good session on the range.

We set out for a late afternoon session where Richard dropped a beautiful common Springbuck ram in his tracks with a single shot.
The next morning we set out in search of the elusive grey ghost the kudu. We had some interesting 4×4 trails to drive through to access the top of the mountain to get above the kudu.

We passed on many bulls that morning as they were not the size we were looking for. We returned to the lodge for a brunch and then headed out in pursuit of a kudu bull in the afternoon. We eventually set out sights on a great bull Richard placed a perfect shot on a beautiful big old bull halfway up the mountain.

Over the next few days, we hunted Blesbuck, impala and nyala and harvested some exceptional quality animals.

Richard had kept his bow in the truck in case we spotted a good animal in an area to do a good stalk. And then we spotted an old Gemsbuck bull bedded down, perfect for a bow stalk The stalk began. And after crawling and ever so quietly moving through the brush, there the gemsbuck was at 15yards.

Richard managed to get an arrow into the gemsbuck, but shot placement was slightly off. After tracking a short distance we managed to locate the bull and Richard was able to follow up with a second arrow.

Richard was able to harvest another monster Gemsbuck cow with the rifle.

We had an excellent safari.

We had a great safari and harvested all the game which Richard dreamt of.